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Fly Out for a Day’s Fishing on a Remote Lake or Stream!

The stillwaters, rivers and creeks are so numerous in the West Chilcotin that anglers can fish to their heart’s content and never cast over the same water twice!

We have boats and motors on over 25 different locations for you to choose from. Trout are easily caught by wading the streams or trolling and casting in the lakes. Float tubes and folding boats are available to those wishing to explore new waters.

There’s plenty of options when it comes to fly out fishing…
Rainbow trout - Fish on Nimpo LakeWild rainbow trout… our ‘tried and true’ natives are plentiful through the West Chilcotin. From season opening to season close, you can fish with spin or fly, cast or troll. You have plenty of choices when angling for these robust fish… lots of rainbows – 20 to 30 – averaging 1 1/2 pounds, or less rainbows – up to 10 – averaging 2+ pounds with possible up to 6 pounds.
Fish from Nimpo LakeDolly varden… if you’re looking for a change in pace or the challenge of bigger fish on spinning gear or fly, our char will test your mettle and your tackle. While not as numerous as the native rainbows and cutthroat, we have favoured spots to put you into these coldwater denizens. Dollys will make you think you’ve snagged bottom when they hook up… until the bottom moves!
Cutthroat Fish on Nimpo LakeCutthroat or cutt’bows… the picturesque mountain streams flowing through the Turner Lake chain abound with beautifully marked wild cutthroat trout. These fish vigorously take to a fly, wet or dry, and make for a wonderful day on stream. Cutt’bows are rainbows with a tell-tale slash of orange-red associated with cutthroat… these fish are not the least bit bashful about smashin’ your fly.
With 30+ years of guiding expertise, Duncan Stewart will get you into the best fishing available… there isn’t a lake or stream he’s not familiar with …just ask and go!

If you’d like to extend your stopover and stay a while in a rustic log cabin plus enjoy a lake all to yourself, check out our Outpost Camps. Or, stay in a lakeside cabin on Nimpo and take in the Lodge Daily Fly Out… you’ll be glad you did!

Stewart’s Lodge… 50+ years fishin’ WILD!