Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you located?

Stewart’s Lodge & Camps is 250 air miles north of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The main lodge is located on Nimpo Lake with fabulous views of rugged snowcapped peaks. We are in the heart of Chilcotin country, one of Canada’s most spectacular wilderness areas.

2. What species of fish can I fish for?

We offer fishing for WILD rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, cutt’bows and dolly varden.

3. How big are the fish?

Species Largest Caught (pounds) Average (pounds)
Rainbow 9.5 2
Cutthroat 3 1
Dolly Varden 14 5
Note… these statistics have been logged over the last 20 years

4. What are the temperatures like?

Month Temperature (fahrenheit)
May 50s
June 60s
July 70s
August 70s
September 60s

5. Can I fish with lures?

Yes, we welcome spinning, trolling or fly fishing.

6. How many guests can you accommodate?

We can accommodate 16 guests in private log cabins or larger log homes (for groups) at the main lodge on Nimpo Lake for guests who book the lodge daily flyout plan. Our wilderness outpost camps can accommodate 2 to 6 guests at each of the 4 cabins in the backcountry.

7. Can I drink the water?

You bet! Our mountain-fed lakes are pure and free of contamination. We also supply bottled water for skeptics.

8. Should I buy my flies before I arrive?

We have a fly shop in the main lodge with an excellent selection of over 200 different patterns and sizes. They are priced at $2.50 (CDN) per fly.

9. Do you accept Visa or MasterCard?

Yes, we accept both!

10. How many fish can I take home?

Although we recommend that you ‘limit your kill’, not ‘kill your limit’, you can legally take home 8 rainbows per person, fresh or smoked or a combo thereof.

11. What do you offer for the non-fisher person?

We offer cabin and canoe rentals at Turner Lake for wilderness adventures in Tweedsmuir Provincial Park. This is the PERFECT place for hiking, photographing nature’s beauty, canoeing or flightseeing. If you haven’t checked out ‘More Adventures’… please do!

12. How do I get more information?

We encourage you to contact us by phone or email then let us help you design a package that is perfect for you!