Any West Chilcotin lake you see from the air and where we can land our floatplane, we can fly you out for awesome hiking. In addition to the hiking opportunities featured below, please ask us about other locations you may wish to hike in and fly out or fly in and hike out.

Tweedsmuir Wilderness Camp

Numerous trails are established in and around this spectacular backcountry 'mountain outpost'. Whether you fly in and hike out, or hike in and fly out, TWC has primo trekking! Hunlen Falls...  

Turner Lake and Hunlen Falls

Treks to Junker Lake and to the bluffs overlooking Hunlen Falls are Hiking at Stewarts Lodgejust two of the marked trails in this chain of 7 lakes. Trailheads for both trails are by way of the base camp at TWC. For the stout of heart, if you're looking for an extended hike, you can trek up to the falls via the Hunlen Falls Trail which starts at the confluence of the Atnarko/Hotnarko Rivers... an elevation shift of some 2625+ feet (800 m) over the course of 7.45 miles (11.5 km).  

Panorama Ridge

There areHiking at Stewarts Lodge two established trail routes in the high alpine above Turner Lake - Ptarmigan Lake Trail and Panorama Lakes Trail. The trailhead to these beautiful alpine treks is close to the base camp at TWC; once you have reached to upper bench, a network of lakes awaits for you to explore... Ptarmigan, Janet, Molly, Gem and Echo; camp sites are established at Ptarmigan and Molly. Mountain peaks in view, once you are 'up there', include Caribou, Glacier, Marvin and Trumpeter.  

Rainbow Range

Imagine an adventure on foot or horseback into the heart of a mountain range filled with a kaleidoscope of colours, textures and views - a must do backcountry trek for hikers and photographers! Hiking at Stewarts LodgeSeveral established routes exist... Capoose, Crystal Lake, Octopus Lake, Mackenzie Heritage, Rainbow Range and Tweedsmuir Trails with each offering something unique. This area is one that you will want to plan an extended trip, to take advantage to the many wonderful 'local' hikes through alpine meadows that are flush with colour at high season or trek the mountain ridges to gaze at distant peaks and lush valleys. Camp sites, as well as rustic shelters, are available for those who want to 'stay a while'.  

Mackenzie Grease Trail

Follow the footsteps of Alexander Mackenzie, the first European to make his now-famous 1793 trek across North America in search of the elusive Northwest Passage. This trail is known as the 'Grease Trail', in reference to the Eulachon grease carried inland by early aboriginals of the area. Hiking at Stewarts LodgeThe trail traces one of British Columbia's historically significant trade and travel routes, with Mackenzie's explorations predating the Lewis and Clark expeditions by some twelve years. Now designated as a heritage trail under the Heritage Conservation Act, and as a forest recreation trail under BC's Forest Act, the full route extends some 279 miles (450 km). The trailhead starts just west of Quesnel and stretches all the way to the Sir Alexander Mackenzie Provincial Park in the Dean Channel.     These treks are just the 'tip of backcountry' that is available to hikers in the West Chilcotin.