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Boys in boat holding fish Man with Fish on Nimpo lake


Right: Walt Bales with a Moose Lake rainbow trout.
Left: Jesse and Jordan Stewart out for a day with Dad.
August 2004…
Walt Bales from California was at Stewart’s Lodge for a one week combo… his stay started at Moose Lake, then it was back to the main lodge on Nimpo Lake to fly out and fish the Dean and Blackwater rivers, Hunlen Creek and more. It was a great first trip…
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone at Stewart’s Lodge for an amazing fishing trip and stay at the lodge and outpost. Thanks again!
Walt Bales

Happy Fishers…
John Donohue and his daughter Lisa had a fabulous time while they were at Stewart’s Lodge. What they had to say about their trip…
Lisa and I just want to let you know what a wonderful 4 days we had at Stewart’s Lodge. The whole experience was beyond our expectations. Over the years I have fished out of many lodges, and in my opinion, Stewart’s Lodge is right at the top of the list. The reason being the lodge itself and the cabin accommodations… neat and clean, plus the outstanding view of the lake and the mountains. The staff is very attentive and everyone has a smile.
The flyouts were great and right on schedule. The fishing was more than we expected. I had a hard time getting Lisa off the streams. As I mentioned above, I have stayed at many lodges over the years… Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Belize, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, etc. …the food at Stewart’s Lodge was the best I have experienced hands down. So please give our compliments to your chef.
Again thanks, for a great experience. Give our regards to James, Joy, Trinka, Aaron, Ian, Doug, Dave and anyone we may have missed.
We certainly are looking forward to a return trip.
John Donohue, Co-owner, Westlake Travel

The summer was ‘tight lines’ and ‘fish on’ for guests fishin’ WILD at Stewart’s Lodge… we look forward to seeing you and yours on the water!

The Stewarts

GREAT fishing for WILD rainbow trout!