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Man Fly Fishing in Nimpo Lake


July 2004…
Harold Mestrini from Holland came to stay with us for one week in late June. He fly fished the Dean and the Blackwater while staying at Stewart’s main lodge on Nimpo Lake. Harold flew out daily and fished a different location every day of his stay.
He also had the best selection of flies that one could hope to find in a fly shop, let alone in a guy’s duffle bag all the way from Holland! We had nothing but a great time with Harold and look forward to his return with his friends.

Backcasts to May and June…
Calm waters, bright sunshine and feisty fish biting on a dark olive dragonfly nymph tied to a 4x leader, full sinking line and a #5 rod and reel were the ‘order of the day’ when our season opened… with rainbows in Nimpo Lake running 17 inches, 2 1/4 pounds.
The warm May weather eased into June with a change in mode to rainy spells, hail and overcast skies – cold was the word. The plus side… fish really liked the cooler weather! A few early season highlights…
– Toms Lake is back in fine fishing shape! Book this cabin to enjoy fishing 2 different lakes and hauling in wild rainbow trout out of Toms Lake up to 5 pounds. Big dark leeches, flash-a-buggers and woolly buggers work best here.
– Eliguk Lake always puts a smile on faces because of the consistent fishing at that outpost.
– Shetler Lake brings each of us into relaxation mode as the mountains tower over you as protectors and the opportunity to fish 5 lakes and streams.
– In late May, our chef and our guide took a day off while it was slow to catch a half-dozen rainbow trout each out of a small local lake… a red leech was the winner that day!

It continues to be ‘tight lines’ and ‘fish on’ for guests fishin’ WILD at Stewart’s Lodge… we look forward to seeing you and yours on the water reel soon!

The Stewarts