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Man fishing in lake Ken Weaver holding trout

Above Left: Opening Day on the Upper Dean rewarded anglers floating dries over the likely holding water.

Above Right: Ken Weaver of Grand Forks, just misses a prize with this slightly under 50 centimeter fish. Ken’s fight with this bright 18 3/4″ wild rainbow trout out of Nimpo Lake lasted 20 minutes before he brought it to the boat at 4:30 pm on June 12/03. Way to go Ken!!!
Season Openers 2003… what can we say?
– The fishing here at Nimpo has been incredible since we opened the lodge… exceptionally fat wild rainbows just can’t resist a black Doc Spratley or black leech!

– The Boyds of Washington, USA, caught their largest fish in the 10 years they’ve been fishing Nimpo Lake.

– A grizzly sow and her cub visited the fishing guests at Moose Lake at the beginning of June… needless to say, they both got an earful.

– Our new fishing guide… Pat Spohr …has been wetting lines with clients on the Upper Dean since opening day. After learning how to chop a cord of wood in an afternoon, he was relaxing one evening by casting flies off the lodge dock and caught a 2 pound rainbow… we all enjoyed it for dinner.

– The 50+ contest for all guests who catch a 50 cm or greater rainbow trout continues.

We expect lake and stream fishing to be evenly excellent until late July and the lakes will continue to please all fishers throughout the entire season as we fish up in elevation as the temperatures rise. The size of trout caught should pick up later in the season as the fish begin to sense the coming winter.

GREAT fishing for WILD rainbow trout!