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Boy with fish on nimpo lake Boys fishing on Nimpo lake Stacey and Vashti Campbell on Nimpo Lake Sushi at Stewart's Lodge main log cabin


Top Left: Judah Campbell, with one of many rainbow trout!
Top Right: A matched pair… now would that be the boys or the ‘bows?

Bottom Left: Vashti Campbell fishing with her mom, Stacey.
Bottom Right: There’s more than just wild rainbow trout at Stewart’s Lodge!

Season Closer 2003…
The Campbell family had a fabulous time while they were at Stewart’s Lodge. We’re featuring a few of the pics they sent and wanted to share what they had to say about their trip…

– Stewart’s Lodge is the best! I like it ’cause we always catch TONS of fish!
Judah Campbell – age 14

– Stewart’s Lodge is really fun! I like the floatplanes, the good food they have and, best of all, catching those big fish.
Vashti Campbell – age 8

– I love going to Stewart’s Lodge… the scenery is unparalleled and the experience of the great outdoors can hardly be matched. There is no better holiday for a family!
Stacey Campbell – mother of 5

It was ‘tight lines’ and ‘fish on’ for the Campbell family and many more who came to fish at Stewart’s Lodge during our 50th year. Thanks for coming, for going fishing and having a great time… we look forward to seeing you and yours back on the water next year!

The Stewarts

GREAT fishing for WILD rainbow trout!