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Birthday Party - stewarts Lodge Big Dinner at Stewarts Lodge Stewarts Lodge Guests

Top: A special birthday celebration… Fred Corning with Ginny and the Stewart boys… Fred is 90 years young!
Middle: A return visit by the Sced family… guests, pilots for Tweedsmuir Air and, pure and simple… friends.
Bottom: Rhonda Stewart at the lodge on Nimpo Lake with a long time guest and friend… Doug Work.
August 2005.

We’ve been ‘holding out’… this is our first update for the 2005 season; it’s been one of those years. Right from the get go, guests and friends who came to fish, explore or just relax and get away from it all have kept the Stewarts, our lodge staff and fishing guides in good company, not to mention busy!
With no wildfires to kept an eye on, like the one last year that was running rampant in the backcountry around Lonesome Lake, we’ve been focused on what we do best… putting guests into the West Chilcotin backcountry for some awesome WILD rainbow trout fishing, hiking and experiencing the quietude of our lakes and streams.
Lodge News…
Fred Corning, of Marysville, Washington, was here with us at Stewart’s Lodge for to celebrate his 90th birthday. Fred has been coming up to Nimpo Lake since 1955. He was posted at Puntzi Lake with the US Air Force in 1955 and has fished here ever since. Fred fished Eliguk Lake this last week with our son, Daniel , and they each caught 8 fish and released half of them. Congratulations Fred, on still fishing at 90 years young and thanks for making Stewart’s Lodge your fishing stop all these years. Fred is not only a terrific fisherman, but he has always enjoyed hunting in this area. Over the years Fred has donated to Stewart’s Lodge 2 of his finest trophy head mounts, a mountain goat from Bluff Lake and a 6 point buck mule deer from the West Branch. Thanks and cheers to Fred Corning.
The entire Sced family from Vancouver, British Columbia visited Stewart’s Lodge and Tweedsmuir Air in mid-August. The Sced family have been coming up here for about 15 years. All three of the Sced sons… Aron, Tim and Jimmy …are pilots as well their father, Jim is a pilot. Two of their sons, Aron and Tim, have flown for Tweedsmuir Air over the years and are now both airline pilots for Westjet and Air Canada. Stewarts always enjoy hosting the Sced family every year and want to thank them for the part they have played in the success of Tweedsmuir Air and Stewart’s Lodge.
For all of you who have come to know Shetler Lake, Duncan and I have both agreed to call our perfect summer mountain retreat by its official name on the maps… Stewart Lake …it was named after Duncan’s dad by the government, so why not go with that. We have a lot to be proud of there!
Be sure to check out the current Fishing Report… the fishing’s been simply awesome this year!
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