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Dried Flies Men fly fishing in lake

Right: Drifting flies at the creek mouths into the deeper still waters is producing great fishing.
Left:┬áDries, dries and more dries… one can never have enough when wild trout are rising to the hatch.

June 2008…
Yeah, we know… we’ve been holding out… our last posted fishin’ report was June 2006. A lo-o-o-o-o-ng time ago!
If you read our June ’06 report, you will know that fishin’ in that year was the best in both numbers and size of fish. This season is shaping up to be a great one, despite the late Spring and cooler weather. A bonus with the late start in our season, weather-wise, plus the impact of the pine beetle kill… we have high water… more water in the watersheds for the fish to spawn. Juvenile recruitment is above-average and will contribute to good fishin’ in future seasons.
A cool-to-start season is finally seeing the temps warming up, bringing on our usual hatches and the fish are eagerly coming to the fly.
Our guide… Kevin Mayer …one of our regular staffers in prior seasons, has returned for 2008. Taking a break from his new passion… Bikram Yoga, you know, the hot yoga! You will be assured of quality time on the water with a guide who has ‘bin there, done that’, as he knows our waters and the fish.
Fish ON…
Highlights of great trips and equally great fishing…
Moose Lake, one of our outposts that produces consistent action, is producing slightly larger rainbows this year. Ken Paton, an SLC guest from Wenatchee, WA, noted Moose Lake has been fishin’ well right in front of the cabin. This being the case, you could almost wet a line from the front porch!
The Upper Dean is producing excellent dry fly action, even though the water levels are slightly lower than usual for this time of year. The faster, riffle water in front of and downstream from the outpost cabin has been producing the best cuttbow angles.
No report this time ’round for the Blackwater… we are expecting a good year as this stream has been coming on in the past seasons with many guest looking forward to wetting a line with a sunk or dry fly for some great angles for wild ‘bows.
Toms Lake remains good with the cooler temps… no bloom to put the fish into a funk, just yet. Good, sizeable wild rainbows are being taken on a mix of flies. For you Toms Lake fans, 2008 shaping up to be a great season.
As always, Stewart’s Lodge is exploring some exciting new fisheries, in this instance, in the Atnarko watershed. If you want to know where, you’ll have to book a trip so we can show you first-hand!
The summer forecast is looking good for it should remain ‘tight lines’ and ‘fish on’ for guests fishin’ WILD at Stewart’s Lodge. If you are planning a trip or have already booked your trip, come prepared for changes in the weather… you never know when a summer thunder storm will blow through and ‘dump’ on you.
We never turn away short notice bookings or parties of one. Please call 1-800-668-4335 or email us to book your trip, this season or next. We look forward to seeing you and yours on the water!
The Stewarts
GREAT fishing for WILD rainbow trout!